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“Personable, professional and experienced are just a few words that come to mind in my dealings with G.E.M. John Epps is an expert at bringing the music inside of me to life. All the mics and equipment one can ask for are in the studio with fantastic monitoring and listening in the control room. Since 1989, whether I am starting a project from scratch or bringing in something I recorded in my home studio to be mastered, I can always trust that John Epps and G.E.M. will have my best interest at heart right from the start. Thanks G.E.M.”

Jim LeBlanc

“I go back to the days of 1/4 inch audio tape and razor blade edits with John, and from then to now he’s always been on top of things when it comes to both technology and service. While he provides a state-of-the-art digital environment, that’s just the beginning. He’s also dedicated to getting it right, making the job the best it can be. He has real insight when it comes to the edit and mix, and a great ear for the right music track. And he’s always superb to work with, a true professional in every way.”

Kevin Fisher
Fisher Communications

“Looking back as early as 1986 I worked on a solo piano project at G.E.M. I do remember the days of reel to reel and John’s extraordinary patience with the laborious editing process back then. I was very pleased with the results. This album After the Rain ended up being sold in Barnes & Noble, B Dalton, Walden Books, and all across the US and Canada, selling 20,000 copies. John Epps and Dick Goodwin have been my “go-to” guys ever since. Not only do they bring their own enthusiasm, patience and professionalism to the sessions, but also know just the right musicians to bring in to support a project. Recording at G.E.M. has always been one of my greatest pleasures. It’s great to have such a long shared history with G.E.M.! Best wishes, Rod Brown”

Rod Brown

“I would highly recommend using G.E.M. Recordings and John Epps, recording engineer, for your recording needs. As a musician involved in the performing and production of a CD, I found the experience to be excellent. John was set and ready when we arrived; he made adjustments as needed and requested; his editing was precise with a fine-tuned ear. In short, an experience I look forward to repeating.”

Tim Hein
Executive/Artistic Director
Columbia Baroque Soloists

“For years we had dreamed of making a CD of our favorite tunes – GEM made our dream a reality. We can’t say enough about the professionalism and skill of John and Dick – they worked magic!”

Doug and Bunny Williams
Musical Performing Duo

“I have worked with John and G.E.M. Recordings on several occasions and have always had a great experience. John’s professionalism and knowledge are matched only by his calm and encouraging demeanor. It is a pleasure to work with him.”

Stuart Condra
Associate Pastor, Minister of Worship
Riverland Hills Baptist Church