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G.E.M. can accommodate individuals, groups and ensembles. In addition to recording and producing your project, we can provide first-rate musical accompaniment. Dick Goodwin and John Epps have extensive experience in music performance and composition that has resulted in connections with the finest musicians in the region and throughout the country. We will guide you through the creative process from start to finish. Whether you come in with the genesis of a musical idea or an album of completed songs ready to record, we can make it happen.

Commercial & Voiceover
Voiceover recording and commercial production is an area in which we have excelled for the past 30+ years. Whether it is a 5 second sound bite or 5 hours of a finished script, we have been there. G.E.M. has probably done more voice over work than all the other studios in our area combined. This includes projects for radio, TV and film…and talent that ranges from an Oscar winning Best Actor to a Super Bowl MVP to state governors and members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Whether it involves recording raw voiceover files for ftp/cloud/email transfer across the country or supplying a finished product with original music, library music and/or sound effects, we know how to accomplish your goals. Flexible phone patching is available via traditional phone lines or Skype. The importance of getting a session finished on time and delivered to our clients is always of the utmost importance. We know the meaning of “whatever it takes.”

Over the past two decades we have been very aware of the growth of the home studio and embrace this new reality. We offer educational opportunities for the individual who wants to learn the art of making great recordings. So often these recordings that start in the extra bedroom or basement can be the beginnings of a lifetime of making great music. It is magical when you have the skill to develop that creative idea and transform it into a final polished recording. We are able to teach every aspect of the recording process including planning the session, using the acoustics of the room, choosing the right microphones with accurate positioning, making the musicians comfortable in their environment, having a clean signal path, laying down those tracks, monitoring, mixing and mastering.

You will be taught to put every piece of the puzzle together. If you have the ability and the desire, you will learn how to record. We only teach one on one lessons or very small group lessons. This is not a classroom environment where you are “shoveled in and shoveled out.” Out personalized approach also includes helping individuals set up their home studio and getting the most out of their workspace. Rates for this service are very affordable and we welcome the chance to sit down with you in our studio for a complimentary visit to discuss your goals.

Our studio is usually booked with an hourly rate.

We do have day rates available upon request. Please contact us at (803) 256-3413 for a quote. Our pricing will always be competitive with other studios offering our level of service and quality.