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How long does it take to record?

Each client is different and has a unique way of working. We understand this and can adapt to anyone’s creative approach. Some artists wish to record several songs in a brief time period (perhaps a multi song demo in a couple of hours) while others may wish to spend a longer period of time polishing one special song. We book by the hour with a minimum of one hour, but usually recommend blocking two hours so that time is available if a client needs it.

What if I have never recorded before?

Every musician who has ever recorded had to make that first trip to the studio. At G.E.M. we listen to what you want to achieve and make sure you are completely comfortable during the recording process. A great final product is the main focus, but you should also have fun doing it.

If I have written a song but don’t have a band, what do I do?

We can take any song you have written and turn it into a polished recording. If you need musicians to accompany you, we have excellent keyboardists, guitarists, bassists and percussionists as well as the finest horns, strings etc. available. These are real musicians with years of studio experience, not a workstation in a box that gives you a simplistic backing track. Live musicians make a huge difference.

What times are you open to record?

Depending on prior bookings and commitments, we are available for recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work by appointment with deposit.

Is it possible to come back after my recording session and do something again, perhaps record another vocal track or remix my songs?

Absolutely… every session, every performance, every track can be recalled in Pro Tools exactly as it was the day of your recording session. It doesn’t matter whether it is 6 days later or 6 months later, your work will be there. Of course everything is completely backed up to a secondary hard drive, removable disc and/or the cloud. There is no problem in tweaking a mix or replacing a verse, phrase, note, word or even a syllable in a track. We love saying “no problem.”

What should I bring to the recording session?

This can depend on many things… again, every artist works differently. If you are an individual artist or a group, then probably just yourself and your instruments, amps, effects, etc. We furnish everything else, including our talent and experience. We always like to talk through the session before the day of the booked time. Having everyone prepared and on the same page can make a huge difference in both studio time and the results. But if the game plan changes an hour before the session, just call us. We can handle it.